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Ok, now it’s down to the nitty-gritty. What does Blue Monkey have to please the palette? As you read through the information you will see that the information has been divided into types of events. Starting off you’ll get a glimpse of our “Wedding Menu.” Included you will find some of our most requested items. As with any wedding, we’re looking to make the menu a reflection of your tastes and ideas, we’ll talk! Moving on we’ll take you through the offerings in our “Banquet Menu.” Do you have a theme in mind for your event? Let us know and we’ll bring “world cuisine” to your table. Next, you’ll arrive at “Stations.” This is the destination for the event coordinator who has a buffet in mind but just can’t bare the idea of hot roast beef and meatball sandwiches. Ok, so you want to think outside the box a bit. Check out “Barbeque,” our fun and stress free smorgasbord of hearty cooking! (Did you just think, BBQ Wedding?) Finally, it’s about getting us through the day. “Breaks” is the menu for the quick pick-me-up. Breaks are great for meetings, conferences and the afternoon tea.

Whatever your preference we’d love to hear from you. We invite you to provide us with details of your event through our contact page. You will receive a call from Scott within 48 hours. Thanks again for considering Blue Monkey Catering.

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